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This ministry is encouraging everyone to be aware of what missionaries do. Particularly in the two countries where we support missionaries, Malawi and Mozambique.


Both families we support in Mozambique and Malawi are reaching out to the Yao People Group.



Currently the missionaries are working in 130 villages in two districts of Malawi and this work connects with 5,000 people. They are involved in training about 70 male leaders and 70 female leaders to play key roles in the life of these village groups.

The number of people that have responded with faith and repentance is still quite small, but there are many people that are on the journey and hearing regularly from the Word of God.

Once a month they run a leadership training meeting where different leaders come to the town that they are living in order to be better equipped. Further, each quarter they also take the leaders away for a 5 day intensive training block where they are further equipped with Bible stories and other leadership skills. 

The groups associated to this ministry are now registered as a local faith based NGO and they call themselves Life Groups. There are 5 people on staff - a coordinator, office administrator, office secretary, an accountant, and a community development manager. 

So far 18 books of the Bible have been translated into the local language, but only 4 of themare nearing the publication stage. The hope is that mid year they will be able to publish the books of Luke, Acts, Ruth and Nehemiah. There is still much to be done but they are committed to translating the Scriptures into the local language.